Gent is a little wild, a little jaded maybe.

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Gent is a little wild, a little jaded maybe. He likes to play. Whether it’s a good game of pool, a piercing in a naughty place, or a pretty boy who wants to take him home, he’s all for it. He likes to take chances, as long as they’re not the stupid kind. When he meets Paul, he thinks he might just have found someone fresh and new, someone who’ll play, maybe someone who will be more than a one night stand. Pretty quick, though, Gent finds out with Paul he gets more than he bargained for. He gets Jamie, too, Paul’s twin, who wants him just as much as Paul does. Gent thinks maybe he’s in over his head, in for a weird triangle that he can’t handle. It’s a new game for him, and it might just end up with him taking the kind of dumb chances he never indulges in. But as the three come together in an explosion of passionate fireworks, beginning to explore a whole new world of heat, he learns that there can be a lot more fun in having two.

Year: 2009
Language: english
Pages: 172
ISBN 10: 1603706038
ISBN 13: 9781603706032
File Type: PDF

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