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Figures of Speech – Christina Alm-Arvius

Figures of Speech – Christina Alm-Arvius

In the last two decades or so, that is from the 1980s and onwards, both linguistic semantics and other, related disciplines that deal with meaning and thinking have seen a steadily increasing interest in figurative language. More specifically, this interest has centred on the occurrence of words and formulations that have some kind of extended or transferred meaning. Tropes is a cover term from traditional rhetoric for language uses with some kind of secondary meaning.1 In other words, the meaning of a trope has come about through some obvious shift from a more basic type of understanding of a language element. Such non-literal uses are common, and the following two sentences, (1) and (2), contain examples of quite typical figurative shifts. For the most part such changes in meaning constitute no interpretative difficulties at all for proficient speakers of (in this case) English, either because they are established in the language, or because it is easy to calculate their intended import within a specific language context or communicative situation. "Figures of Speech (language) - C. Alm-Arvius". Nombre de Archivo: "figures-speech-language-c-alm-arvius" Size: "1.46 MB". Descargar Figures of Speech – Christina Alm-Arvius PDF gratis

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