Tuesday 26, September, 2017

Expert Oracle Database Architecture

Expert Oracle Database Architecture

* Based on a proven best-seller and written by the most recognized Oracle expert in the world and f * Fully revised book, covering bothfor the 9i and 10g versions of the database * Based on what is widely-recognized as the best Oracle book ever written. It defines what Oracle really is, and why it is so powerful * Inspired by the thousands of questions Tom has answered on his http://asktom.oracle.com site. It defines what Oracle really is, and why it is so powerful It and it tackles the problems that developers and DBAs struggle with every day. Descargar Expert Oracle Database Architecture PDF gratis

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  • * First book on the market that covers building high-performance Java applications on the Oracle database―using the latest versions of both the Oracle database (10g) and the JDBC API (3.0). * Promotes and explains an "anti black box" approach to […]


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