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Drained (Stories of People Who Wanted More) – Johann Christoph Arnold

Drained (Stories of People Who Wanted More) – Johann Christoph Arnold

Drained (Stories of People Who Wanted More)
Johann Christoph Arnold
Type: eBook
Released: 1999
Page Count: 135
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0874869706
ISBN-13: 9780874869705
Review A gem of a book... Johann Christoph Arnold's Drained captures a mood of disillusionment among many people struggling to find fulfilment. Arnold is right to question the way we live... There is an urgent need for a return to old-fashioned values such as trust and service to others. -- Richard Donkin, Financial Times A most interesting book... Drained explores the roots of ennui... Arnold concludes that peace should be pursued with as much commitment as we show in trying to attain a high standard of living. -- Antonia Swinson, Scotland on Sunday An inspirational read... -- Patricia Mitchell, The Living Channel Drained succeeds in including not only tales of achievement and overcoming suffering, but also addresses the kind of unfocused malaise that affects people experiencing disillusionment on a more general level. So if you're slightly peeved that a Cambridge degree has lead to a career serving fish and chips, or that a job in the city just doesn't satisfy your soul, give Drained a go. -- Chris Curtis, The Graduate Extraordinary stories... -- Nicky Campbell, BBC Radio 5 Live Fabulous! Won't let you give up. -- Lisa Potts Isn't life tough, you say? In Drained, Johann Christoph Arnold might argue that it's only tough because you make it that way. -- Adam Keen, London Student Stories to sustain hope... -- Desmond Tutu To preserve peace, our hearts must be at peace with the world, with our brothers and our sisters. This truth is at the heart of Arnold's welcome new book, Drained. -- Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Instructor About the Author Johann Christoph Arnold is the author of best-selling titles on sexuality, parenting, death and dying, forgiveness, and peace. His books draw chiefly on his experiences as a pastor, and on wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of counseling couples and singles, teens and young adults, prison inmates, the aged, and the terminally ill.. Download Drained (Stories of People Who Wanted More) – Johann Christoph Arnold PDF free

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