Design Integrations – S. Poggenpohl, K. Sato

Design is reaching a transitional moment that requires a critical look at its current

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Design is reaching a transitional moment that requires a critical look at its current
and future states. The look that will unfold in these pages is not from the standpoint
of design as an object, but from the standpoint of design as process or action—a look
from the inside of design by international teachers and practitioners who support a
change from craft to discipline. Design’s craft origins cannot support the evolving
context of design action needed now. This is not a new or unique call to action
(Krippendorff, 1995; Owen, 1998; Buchanan, 2001); nevertheless, it is timely.
Transformations from a status quo do not happen suddenly, and do not evolve
because one or a few people believe it is necessary, but because the idea of change
resonates with many individuals and institutions worldwide, especially those who
practice a new version of design and who teach the next generation of designers
to build on the past rather than replicate it. Such transformations also respond to
cultural change in the broadest sense. In this case, it also depends on design faculty
that understands academic structure from a broader perspective and use institutional
supports like research offices, peer-reviewed journals, interdisciplinary opportunities,
and conferences to their advantage. What unfolds in this book is a fairly specific
argument: that design practice and education are changing, particularly in relation
to the two themes this book addresses, research and collaboration. If design is to
develop as a discipline, it must necessarily develop further based on these themes. "Design Integrations – S. Poggenpohl, K. Sato". "design-integrations-s-poggenpohl-k-sato" Size: "1.35 MB"

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