Chemical Analysis of Industrial Water

This classic book has been reprinted by popular demand.

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This classic book has been reprinted by popular demand. Analytical chemists and chemical engineers will find this a well written and well illustrated treatise dealing with (and finding solutions to) the problems of water treatment, plant corrosion, and chemical analysis connected with the chemical process industries, steam and power plants and petroleum refining. This is also an excellent manual for both laboratory and field workers. Content: Front Matter • Preface • Table of Contents •Part I. The Chemical Principles of Water Treatment• Introduction (Part I) 1. Objectives in Treating Feed Water for Boilers 2. Objectives in Treating Water Used for Cooling •Part II. The Analysis of Industrial Waters 3. Mineral Content 4. Dissolved Gases 5. Interpretation of Water Analyses •Part III. Special Procedures Related to Water Treatment 6. Analysis of Foul Waters and Alkaline Sulfide Solutions 7. Chemical Cleaning of Process Equipment 8. Evaluation of Cation Exchange Resins •Part IV. Chemical Analysis of Scales, Sludges and Deposits• Introduction (Part IV) • 9. Preliminary Treatment of the Laboratory Sample 10. The Systematic Analysis of Deposits for the Metallic Elements 11. The Systematic Analysis of Water-Formed Deposits 12. Special Procedures for Deposit Analysis 13. Interpretation of Analytical Results Index

Year: 2008
Language: english
Pages: 313
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ISBN 13: 978-1-61583-955-1
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