Chemical Analysis of Antibiotic Residues in Food

Content: Antibiotics : groups and properties / Philip T.

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Content: Antibiotics : groups and properties / Philip T. Reeves — Pharmacokinetics, distribution, bioavailability, and relationship to antibiotic residues / Peter Lees and Pierre-Louis Toutain — Antibiotic residues in food, drinking water, and food safety regulations / Kevin J. Greenlees, Lynn G. Friedlander, and Alistair Boxall — Sample preparation : extraction and clean-up / Alida A.M. (Linda) Stolker and Martin Danaher — Bioanalytical screening methods / Sara Stead and Jacques Stark — Chemical analysis : quantitative and confirmatory methods / Jian Wang and Sherri B. Turnipseed — Single residue quantitative and confirmatory methods / Jonathan Tarbin … [et al.] — Method development and method validation / Jack F. Kay and James D. MacNeil — Measurement uncertainty / Jian Wang … [et al.] — Quality assurance and quality control / Andrew Cannavan, Jack Kay, and Bruno Le Bizec

Year: 2012
Language: english
Pages: 366
ISBN 10: 1118067185
ISBN 13: 9781118067185
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