A summary of pyrotechnic shock in the aerospace industry

NASA Technical Documents, 1970.

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NASA Technical Documents, 1970. — 7 p.Pyrotechnic shock data have been obtained from a survey of the aerospace industry and government agencies. Over 2800 measurements from 30 contributors have been compiled and categorized according to type of pyrotechnic device and structure. These data were analyzed to provide a reference document and establish guidelines for designing and testing to the pyrotechnic shock environment.This paper presents a summary of the total program and a discussion of pyrotechnic test simulation techniques. Further results from the study, including guidelines for design and for predicting shock environments, are presented in a paper by Dr. Plichael B. WcGrath, entitled “A Discussion of Pyrotechnic Shock Criteria” during the 41st Shock and Vibration Synlposium.

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