Saturday 17, November, 2018

Descargar Libros en PDF y Epub sobre "Geosciences "


Micrometeorology – Thomas Foken

por Thomas Foken en Geosciences

Product Description: This book focuses on atmospheric processes which directly effect human environments within the lowest 100-1000 meters of the atmosphere over regions of only a few kilometers in extent. The book is the English translation of the second edition […]


Enabling Ocean Research in the 21st Century: Implementation of a Network of Ocean Observatories – Committee on the Implementation of a Seafloor Obse

por Committee on the Implementation of a Seafloor Obse en Geosciences

Product Description: As the importance of the oceans to society grows, so does the need to understand their variation on many temporal and spatial scales. This need to understand ocean change is compelling scientists to move beyond traditional expeditionary modes […]


Laboratory Science with Space Data: Accessing and Using Space-Experiment Data – Daniel Beysens & Luigi Carotenuto & Jack J.W.A. van

por Daniel Beysens, Luigi Carotenuto, Jack J.W.A. van en Geosciences

Product Description: For decades experiments conducted on space stations like MIR and the ISS have been gathering data in many fields of research in the natural sciences, medicine and engineering. The EU-sponsored Ulisse Internet Portal provides metadata from space experiments […]


Stars and Star Clusters (Landolt-Bornstein: Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology – New Series / Astronomy and Astrophysics) (Volume 2) – H. H. Voigt & Hans Landolt

por H. H. Voigt, Hans Landolt en Geosciences

Product Description: Astronomy and Astrophysics were first treated in volume III of the 6th edition of Landolt-Bornstein in 1952, then in volumes VI/1 and VI/2 of the New Series, 1965 and 1981/82 respectively. The present volume VI/3 is a further […]