Sunday 18, November, 2018

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Mistress (Avon Red) – Leda Swann

por Leda Swann en Erotica

Mistress (Avon Red)Leda Swann Type: eBook Released: 2008 Page Count: 272 Format: pdf Language: English ISBN-10: 0061431222 ISBN-13: 9780061631580 About the Author Leda Swann lives happily on the beach in a small New Zealand community and spends free time boating, […]


Captain’s Surrender – Alex Beecroft

por Alex Beecroft en Erotica

Captain’s SurrenderAlex Beecroft Type: eBook Released: 2008 Page Count: 194 Format: pdf Language: English ISBN-10: 1602020892 ISBN-13: 9781602020894 Review “Thrilling! On every level, Captain’s Surrender is thrilling. Alex Beecroft spins image, voice, character, setting, and story into a captivating whole, […]


Alazar’s Book of Bondage, Vol.1 – Alazar

por Alazar en Erotica

Alazar’s Book of Bondage, Vol.1Alazar Type: eBook Released: 2003 Page Count: 64 Format: pdf Language: English ISBN-10: 0865620687 ISBN-13: 9780865620681 About the Author Standing on the shoulders of fetish giants like John Willie and Eric Stanton, Alazar has spent his […]


Story of the Eye – Georges Bataille

por Georges Bataille en Erotica

Story of the EyeGeorges Bataille Type: eBook Released: 2001 Page Count: 103 Format: pdf Language: English ISBN-10: 0872862097 ISBN-13: 9780872862098 Review Only Georges Bataille could write, of an eyeball removed from a corpse, that "the caress of the eye […]


Beauty’s Release – A. N. Roquelaure

por A. N. Roquelaure en Erotica

Beauty’s ReleaseA. N. Roquelaure Type: eBook Released: 1999 Publisher: Plume Page Count: 238 Format: epub Language: English ISBN-10: 0452281458 ISBN-13: 9780452281455 Review * "One of the most wonderful, erotic, sensual books ever written" – Sting on INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. […]


Lust – Elfriede Jelinek

por Elfriede Jelinek en Erotica

LustElfriede Jelinek Type: eBook Released: 1993 Page Count: 256 Format: pdf Language: English ISBN-10: 1852421835 ISBN-13: 9781852421830 From Publishers Weekly The acclaimed author of The Piano Teacher again reveals the grotesque corruption of post-WW II Austrian society. The setting is […]


Taming the Fire – Sydney Croft

por Sydney Croft en Erotica

Taming the FireSydney Croft Type: eBook Released: 2009 Page Count: 320 Format: lit Language: English ISBN-10: 0385342276 ISBN-13: 9780385342278 About the Author Sydney Croft is the alter ego of two published authors who came together to blend their very different […]


Vox – Nicholson Baker

por Nicholson Baker en Erotica

VoxNicholson Baker Type: eBook Released: 1993 Page Count: 176 Format: pdf Language: English ISBN-10: 0679742115 ISBN-13: 9780679742111 From Publishers Weekly Baker’s self-indulgent novel, a 14-week PW bestseller in cloth, transcribes a long telephone conversation between two people who meet over […]