Thursday 24, August, 2017

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The Iliad of Homer – Homer

by Homer

Translated into English Blank Verse by William Cowper. The Iliad is, together with the Odyssey, one of two ancient Greek epic poems traditionally attributed to Homer. The poem is commonly dated to the late 9th or to the 8th century […]

Les trophées – José-Maria (de) Heredia

by José-Maria (de) Heredia

Cumulant plusieurs inspirations au fil des trente années de leur composition, les Trophées, unique recueil de Heredia, se présentent comme une histoire poétique de l’humanité. Nouvelle Légende des siècles, cette production s’impose comme l’une des plus représentatives de l’esthétique parnassienne. […]

The Aeneid of Virgil (I-VI) – Virgil

by Virgil

The Aeneid is a Latin epic poem written by Virgil in the 1st century BC (between 29 and 19 BC) that tells the legendary story of Aeneas, a Trojan who traveled to Italy, where he became the ancestor of the […]